4 Beautiful DIY Wedding Bunting Ideas

Wedding Bunting Featured Image

DIY wedding bunting is a great way to keep decoration costs low, add some colour and instantly cheer up a room. So, if you’re creative and crafty then this post is perfect for you! Here are 4 wedding bunting ideas, plus a bonus tutorial to get you going.


  • Rags and Ribbons

This bunting-style garland has been enjoying its moment in the spotlight lately. To get this look, try using strips of fabric and ribbon in complementary colours to create simple but eye-catching bunting.

DIY Bunting Rags and Ribbons


  • Fabric (flag or scallop)

Floral prints and gingham have long been bunting favorites but if you’re looking for something different, try playing around with tones, textures, cuts and fabrics. You could go with the traditional triangle or try a curved scallop bunting.

DIY Bunting - Fabric

  • Paper

Paper bunting is really easy to DIY or can be picked up online in various cuts and colours. Another great DIY and paper option is doilies folded in half across twine. It’s perfect for the more laid-back, rustic theme.

DIY Bunting - Paper

  • Ball Tassel

If you’re having more of a bohemian theme, ball tassel bunting or garland is a great option. This idea can also be added to any of the above for a more textured bunting. Mix and match the colours and hang at various heights for best finish and effect.

DIY Bunting - Ball Tassel


Today, we’re sharing an easy step-by-step guide on how to make your own bunting, so grab your bridesmaids and start crafting…

  1. Pick an idea and create a template – Once you’ve decided what kind of bunting you’d like, you’ll want to create a template out of card or paper. This mainly applies to triangle or scallop shaped bunting.
  2. Cut out the pieces – Double up the fabric and lay the templates out right sides together, matching up the edges. Pin the templates to the fabric and cut around them.
  3. Sewing up or decorating – If you’re creating fabric bunting you’ll want to sew up the edges. If you’re having a paper bunting, go ahead and decorate.
  4. Add finishing touches and attach your ribbon or twine – With fabric buntings you’ll want to press it with a hot iron and then attach either your ribbon or twine. The same goes for paper or rags and ribbon bunting.

There you have it, your very own DIY wedding bunting – well done!

We hope this post gave you some great ideas and helped you make your very own DIY wedding bunting. Please comment below, and let us know which one you like best and would use for your big day?

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