5 Sensational Wedding Table Plan Ideas

Seating Chart Unique or Personalised

Unlike figuring out seating arrangements and who should sit where, designing what your wedding seating chart will look like is a much more enjoyable experience. The idea depends completely on your style, colour scheme and imagination. But the possibilities are endless, and to help you get the creative juices flowing we’ve rounded up 5 different categories to inspire you.

Big and Bold

This is a popular choice for many brides, with many options to choose from. A few top ones include chalkboards, embossed mirrors, framed boards or easels. If you’re having a small wedding and would still like a big and bold seating chart, try displaying handmade escort cards pinned to a framed board.


Unique or Personalised

If you’re looking to make your seating chart more unique, why not try a more out of the box approach. Custom messages on escort cards displayed on a table, a barn door covered with name tags (swap the barn door for a window panel or shutters) or a reclaimed glass door all make for a great rustic feel. If you’re a more free-spirited couple and aren’t too worried about seating plans you can even put up a board letting your guests know they can sit wherever they like.

Seating Chart Unique or Personalised

Picture Perfect

As guests remove escort cards or name tags, they replace it with a polaroid photo of themselves. This idea can double up as an activity or entertainment for guests. It also provides keepsakes for the newlyweds to take home at the end of the night.

Tip: For larger weddings, consider having multiple cameras to avoid seating delays.

Seating Chart Picture Perfect

Colour or Theme Based

Integrating your theme or colour scheme into your wedding seating chart helps bring all your elements together. From scallop shells for beach or nautical themes to escort cards attached to wands for a Harry Potter themed wedding, the possibilities are endless, so get creative!

Seating Chart Colour or Themed

Fun with Favours

This idea also doubles up as a favour for your guests to take home with them at the end of the night. There are endless options, ranging from theme centric to seasonal. Here are a couple to consider:

  • Names stamped on the the back of rustic wood slices
  • Name tags attached to small sweet bells
  • Handkerchief tucked into escort cards with guest names displayed on top
  • Attaching escort cards directly to your chosen favours – such as mini champagne bottles or cupcakes.

Seating Chart Fun Favours

We hope this post gave you some awesome ideas for your seating chart. Now we’d love to hear what other chart ideas you’ve seen and loved? Please comment below and let us know!

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