How to entertain your guests between your wedding ceremony and your wedding breakfast


The period between your wedding ceremony and your wedding breakfast can sometimes drag for your guests, especially if the bride and groom are away having their photographs taken. Often this time can make or break the wedding from your guest’s perspective. You need to plan this time so that you get opportunity to greet your guests and get all of the photos you want, whilst maintaining the flow of the wedding. To help ensure you make the most of this time, here are our top tips on how to keep your guests entertained:


  1. Feed and water your guests. Providing food and drink will not only keep your guests entertained, it will also solve the problem of a later meal time, which is sometimes a problem for guests with a healthy appetite! Why not consider:
    1. a signature cocktail – see our Pinterest cocktail board
    2. canapés
    3. champagne, prosecco or bucks fizz
    4. an ice cream cart
    5. Dunkin’ doughnuts
    6. candy floss
    7. popcorn
    8. a pick and mix sweet stand


  1. Put on some live music, or even put together a play list on your Ipod


  1. Not many people can resist a game of giant Jenga or Connect 4. Arranging a few games for your guests could be a good solution!


  1. Depending on your guests, here’s a few other types of entertainment you might consider:
  • a photo/video booth with props (think fake moustaches and hats etc)
  • a magician
  • a comedian/comedienne
  • a quiz about the bride and groom


  1. Often people write messages in a guest book later in the day, perhaps after they have had a few drink! Asking people to write messages after the ceremony is a good idea because guests are more likely to be sober and it will help to occupy their time. Ask someone to coordinate on your behalf (this may need to be someone who is not part of the wedding party if they need to be in the photos)!


Our photographer, Matt Brown (who we would definitely recommend!), suggested that we took 30 minutes after the ceremony to talk to guests before we started the photographs. This was a really good idea because it made the group pictures quicker as we had already said hello to everyone and didn’t feel we were ignoring guests. We then had two hours of photographs! Knowing our guests were being entertained made us feel more relaxed about the time it took to get some really great shots.

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