7 Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

A wedding guest book is the perfect memento for memories that will serve you for many years after the big day. The wedding book brings back all that is sweet, dear and thoughtful filled with photographs, kind words and sentiments of well wishes, prosperity and content. Though the wedding book is a simple and very traditional book there are many alternative options that allow your personality and identity to shine through. So, to help you out we’ve rounded up some alternative wedding guest book ideas, enjoy!

  1. Board Games

A clever and thoughtful idea if you or your partner enjoy jenga or scrabble, is having guests write out well wishes on the game pieces feels extra special and sweet. And will definitely bring out all the pleasantries of your guests when you read it.

Jenga Board Game

  1. Garden Pebbles

This is a cheap and simple alternative guest book idea. All you have to do is get some garden pebbles at a stone paving store such as London Stone who deliver nationwide in the UK. Having your guests write wedding advice or notes on pebbles to keep the marriage less rocky.

Garden Pebbles

  1. Champagne or Wine Bottle

Couples usually love to share a bottle of champagne or wine on their big day – generally a good 5 or 10 year bottle. So, why not have guests leave you with a special message while reliving that wedding some time later.

Champagne or Wine Bottle

  1. Photo Scrapbooking

This is an upgrade on the traditional scrapbook and a really cool idea for a guest book. Use a photo station with polaroid cameras, extra film, pens, and tape – guests can snap a picture and leave a note or message.

Photo Scrapbook

  1. Puzzle Pieces

Having found your missing piece another interesting wedding book alternative is using a puzzle with each piece complete with messages from all your friends and family. Now you might not always be able to find a puzzle big enough for all your guests, so maybe a small one for each table or one-two 100 piece puzzles. You can look on Amazon for plain wood ones these work best.

Puzzle Pieces

  1. Ipad Video

With technology there are many simpler ways to relive your memories, or receive messages and notes from guests. A great example of this would be recorded videos where guests get to express more of a detailed message with the newlyweds.

Ipad Video

  1. Guest Libs

We all loved mad libs as kids growing up, what better way to kind of relive our kid games by using guest libs as an alternative guest book. Now if you’re not familiar with mad libs it’s a “fill in the blank” questionnaire. There are many guest libs templates which are easy to find and download.

Guest Lib

Now we’d love to hear from you – which idea did you love the most or do you have any additional ideas to add? Comment below and let us know.

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