Top 9 Ways to Cut your Wedding Costs

9 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

The average cost of weddings continue to rise year after year, and depending on where you live those costs can top the high end of the scale. But if you are determined to keep your wedding costs down despite the various temptations of spending big here are a few suggestions of how to cut costs.

  1. Take your time to plan

When it comes to organising and executing your special day it takes a considerable amount of energy and time. The key areas to keep cognisance of are reception, venue, photography and entertainment. Apart from the cost of your wedding attire there are significant savings to be made when approaching the above as frugal as possible. Therefore take a deep breath and a little thought about it.

  1. Cut down your guest list

As much you would love to have as many people as possible celebrating your special day it does impact your pocket having to seat and plate each guest and it is good practice sitting down and having a real discussion with your partner regarding who receives an invitation and who does not will free up cash for the other key areas of your wedding.

  1. Get married in off-season or at the end

Forget the peak season Saturday wedding craze, this will only cost you more money at the end of the day. Consider approaching venues and finding out what a weekday or Sunday wedding booking – you will be surprised at the price increase applied for weddings scheduled in peak season.

  1. Have the ceremony and reception at one place

Not only does having your ceremony and reception at one place decrease the costs of vendors due to no travel between locations but it makes your day less stressful too. This keeps guests happy and you on time for your planned activities. And of course this cuts out the cost of two venues.

  1. Have a smaller wedding cake or a fake one

Wedding cakes as much as wedding dresses will often have focus paid to them but they are also two items that attribute huge costs. But there are ways to cut down costs here, either having a small one or two tier cake or fake cake which is mostly for show with part used for the traditional cutting. Guests are then served large sheet cake which can be kept in the kitchen. It is also advised to use fresh flowers and not sugar and expensive fillings to be skipped.

  1. Avoid having an open bar

This is possibly one of biggest expense items for many newlyweds. A better option is to serve a couple of bottle of wine or beer to each table. Enquiring from your venue if bringing your own alcohol and discussing an open corkage could serve in your favour.

  1. Choose a venue that doesn’t need much decor

The decor and theme of a  venue are such an integral part of any wedding but can at most times be a huge expense, fortunately for us there are many alternatives for this. For example, looking at historic landmark buildings, conservatories, natures reserves, public parks, libraries and wide open spaces. These natural locations add a touch of authenticity and elegance that traditional décor cannot match and considering they are already paid for it’s nature’s gift to you.

  1. Choose flowers in season or use fake flowers

It is important to remember to choose flowers that are in season during the time of the wedding. Alternatively another good idea is to use fake flowers for your centrepieces or bouquet. If you’re adamant of real flowers try using more greenery and keep it to a minimum of one to two flowers at most.

  1. DIY Projects

DIY projects are a way to cut costs down significantly. So if you’re looking for some projects to do yourself here are some ideas; invitations can be done using Canva and photo booth stations can be done using just trestle table, cloth, props and instant camera. There are many other DIY projects so pick one that you can manage without stressing you out even further.

We hope this post gave you some good ideas of how to cut costs for your big day. Do you have any other ideas to add to the list? If so, please comment below and let us know what we missed.

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