Your Must Have Bridal Emergency Kit

Bridal Emergency kit

Be prepared for any bridal emergency with our must have emergency bridal kit. This kit could literally save your wedding day from one HUGE disaster and bring you back from the bridezilla brink!

Items you need in your emergency bridal kit:


Need we say why?


Keep that perfectly chosen bridal sent fresh all day by having your perfume on hand. Just don’t go crazy, you’ll end up hugging and kissing a lot of people and you don’t want them gasping for air because your perfume is too strong.

Baby wipes

These are definitely a must. Baby wipes are amazing and can even get stains out of white dresses!

Blister plasters

You don’t want sore feet on the big day, so make sure you come prepared


Keep yourself minty fresh all day and into the evening.


So if the baby wipes don’t work and you have spilt something on your wedding dress disguise it with some chalk.
Nappy pins

Nappy pins are great for taming an untidy bustle. Their large size means they can accommodate a lot of material. Just be careful of the top layer of your dress, they are a wide pin so avoid putting it thought the top layer if possible.

Toothpaste, brush and toothpick

Keep that fresh feeling all day.


Lots and lots of tissues are required any wedding. Whilst the rest of the world may not be such a sucker for weddings as the Creative Wedding Co team, it is an emotional day and you wouldn’t want to spoil perfectly done make up.


For emergency recovery if any unruly issues that appear out of nowhere on your big day.

Toupee tape

This is a great thing to have on hand, use it to keep your clothes in place and can help repair any drooping hems.

Make up for touch ups

This is essential and I am sure we don’t need to explain why. If you are having your make-up done professionally ask for a little sample of the lipstick or lipgloss so you can touch up. If that’s not possible ask your make-up artist for the brand and name of your lipstick or lip gloss so that you can touch up if need be.


For keeping your hair in place obvs! But also for stopping any ladders in their tracks.

Hairpins / bobble

We don’t need to explain this one!

Sanitary towels / tampons

Or this one!

Mini sewing kit

Any emergency clothing issues that can’t be solved by toupee tape may need a more extreme treatment. Have a little sewing kit at hand just in case.


Get hydrated quickly without spoiling that perfect pout.


So you can touch up anywhere you need to including in the car on the way to your reception.

Nail file

OK it’s obvious

Nail polish

For touch ups, but also you may want to bring a clear one too if your are wearing hosiery so you can stop any pesky ladders from growing.

Pain killers

You really don’t want to spend your big day with pain of any kind.You may get a headache from a lack of sleep, increased alcohol consumption or even sore feet.
Sun cream
If you’ve got any part of your day outside then consider having sun cream, you don’t want to start your honeymoon looking slightly pink.

A cute bag to put it all in
This is a must and a perfect excuse for buying a new cute bag.

What will be in your bridal emergency kit?

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