6 Essential Bridesmaid Duties For Your Big Day

Bridesmaid Duties

Bridesmaids are one of the best bits of getting married. As well as being your bestest friends and family who you can call on when bridezilla makes an appearance, they can big a massive help on how  your big day goes to plan.

Here is our 6 essential bridesmaid duties you need your bridesmaids to do on your big day:

Keep you and everyone calm

Ok so weddings can be pretty stressful at times, especially as the nerves heat up on the morning of the wedding. You need a calming bridesmaid by your side to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They can also help with any last minute hitches so you can concentrate on getting ready and looking gorgeous!

Help you into your outfit and keep on top of outfit checks

Every bride needs a little help getting into their gown and for those of you who have gone full on fairy tale you may need some assistance to get your shoes on your feet! Trust us we’ve been there, they get hidden under all the tulle! Not only are they there to help you get ready for the big day, but also they are there to carryout outfit checks at all important moments:

  • before you walk down the aisle, adjusting your train and checking you look just perfect
  • before any photo sessions
  • and at all other times as felt necessary

Assist you to go to the loo

Yes – This is one you may not think about until the day of the wedding, but most wedding gowns aren’t made for their practical appeal and therefore you may need a little assistance going to the loo. So choose a bridesmaid that’s ok with this and get used to the idea too! You may also want to practice going too the loo the wrong way round – Yes Really!

Carry or ensure the emergency kit is on hand at all times

We aren’t just talking tissues here either, but the full on emergency bridal kit that includes hair grips, blister plasters, lip gloss, mini hairspray, deodorant, safety pins etc… (need we go on!) Depending on the arrangements for your day, you may need someone to carry this kit or find a safe place where they can get hold of it at very short notice.

Make sure you and the bridal party are on time

Whilst you probably want to be slightly late on your big day, you probably don’t want your carefully planned timeline to go straight out of the window at the start of the day. By nominating your most sensible bridesmaid to ensure key things happen on time, you can be freed up to relax and enjoy your day.

Keep the dance floor going

We couldn’t fail to put this one in the pack. There is nothing worse than an empty dance floor at your wedding and therefore you need to rely on your BM’s to keep that dance floor filled from the end of your first dance to the end of the night. In our experience BM’s are more than happy to fulfil this duty!

This may include a choreographed dance, like this bridal party did. (p.s. don’t miss the finish!)


What are your BM’s essential tasks for the big day?

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