It’s OK to freak out about buying ‘THE Wedding Dress’!

So its time for a big confession! I was totally freaked out about my first trip into a bridal shop to find my perfect wedding dress. So freaked out my bridesmaid had to make all of the appointments. If she hadn’t I wouldn’t have had a wedding dress.

Strange I know. I had dreamed of buying my wedding dress since I was a little girl, walking up and down the living room with a net curtain attached to my head. But this was too much. How on earth would I find ‘The dress’?

I was scared about whether anything would fit, whether it would look right, whether I could afford it, whether the bridal shop assistants would be really snooty and skinny!

Yes, I completely and utterly freaked out!

However, to my rescue were two honest and capable friends who had been there themselves. They took me to my appointments and stopped me from running away before we got into the first bridal shop. And to my utter surprise I loved it! I loved trying on all of the Wedding  dresses even the ones that looked plain awful and at the end of the day I think I had found the one.

I wasn’t one of those brides that said this is it when I tried it on and I wasn’t a 100% sure, but I felt great in the dress and it just felt, well just right. As I hadn’t had the this is it moment and hadn’t tired every dress on in reasonable traveling distance from my home town I didn’t buy it that day. But ‘that dress’ never left my mind and I therefore knew it was the one!

My top tips for your first wedding dress shopping trip:

  • Go on pinterest and pull together ideas of dresses you like
  • Have some idea of what you like, but don’t be afraid to try different styles the shop assistant is likely to know what shapes and dresses my suit you based on your preferences
  • Do your hair and make-up, there is no point trying on a beautiful dress and looking at yourself in the mirror with drab hair and make-up
  • I would recommend bring a maximum of 2 trusted friends who will give you their honest opinion. More than this and it is likely to get confusing with everyone giving their view.
  • Trust your judgement on the dress.
  • Don’t buy anything on your first trip even if it is ‘the dress’. I kept returning to the same dress so I knew it was definitely ‘the dress’.
  • If you don’t like something say so and try to say why. This will help the shop assistants and your friends help refine your choices.
  • Be clear on your budget, there is no point falling in love with a dress that you can’t afford. It’s just not worth the heartache.


Try to enjoy it. It may feel overwhelming, but you will find a dress you love, just take your time and don’t feel pressured.


Happy wedding dress shopping!


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