Amazing Plant marker escort cards

Plant Marker Escort Cards

We love the idea of escort cards, especially these plant marker escort cards.  They add a little more excitement to the day as people find their escort card, which then directs them to their seat. What’s more, they mean your guests don’t have to rely on their memory to know where they sit. With so much excitement going on, it would be cruel not to help them out!

We carried on the theme of our cactus favours, which worked well with our escort cards which were plant stick. When the guest took the plant stick to the table, they could place it in their cactus pot so that the favour had their name on it! Super smart, huh?

It took us a while to figure out how to make the planter element of our escort card idea, so we thought we would save you the hassle and share our know-how.


What will you need?


  1. A large planter with a large surface area, the more guests the larger the planter you need! We got ours from Ikea for £16. You can use it again afterwards!
  2. Some plant marker sticks. We got ours from the range for £1.49 per pack
  3. Some clear tape
  4. An old bed sheet or fabric dust sheet
  5. Some newspaper or beanbag filling
  6. Cling film
  7. Lots of decorative sand or chippings. The sort of thing you put in the bottom of a candle holder. Again, we got ours from Ikea.


What do you need to do?

To make the planter as a base

  1. Get your large planter and fill it with something that will reduce the depth. We used an old mattress protector that we didn’t need anymore. Don’t worry, you won’t see it when you have finished the project!
  2. Fill in the rest of the space with crumpled newspaper or bean bag stuffing, so it reaches approx. 3cm below the top of the planter (this will depend upon the size of the plants you plan to use).
  3. Get your clingfilm, place it on the padding you’ve already put in the planter, ensure that it covers the whole area and then tape the clingfilm around the inside edge of the planter to create a seal (if you’ve used more than one sheet of clingfilm tape those together as well). Make sure you have sufficient cling film to allow objects on top to move around and not pierce the cling film (a few layers should help prevent any breaches!).
  4. Place your foliage on top of the clingfilm, making sure they have some water before placing the plants in.
  5. Fill the planter with your decorative sand / chippings – it should be starting to take shape now!


To make the escort plant sticks

  1. On each stick write the name of the person on one side and their table name/number on the other side. If you have got plastic sticks like us, you can use either marker pen or pencil. We used pencil, which fitted with our grey theme. It also allowed us to move the seating plan around at the last minute!
  2. Place the sticks into the planter with the names facing forward


To make your instructions

Amazing Plant marker escort Cards-4
Amazing Plant marker escort Cards-4

Whilst some of your guests will know what to do, not all of them will be familiar with concept of escort cards. So we wrote a little sign to accompany ours. The graphic on our instructions tied in with our California road trip table name theme, which helped bring it all together. It also looked really cool next to the planter. We used a simple picture frame from Ikea to frame the instructions. Here is what we wrote on our sign:

California Road Trip Route Map

Dear road tripper

Please follow the below instructions:

  1. Take a look in the tub and find the white stick with your name on it. Your table name is on the reverse
  2. Hang onto your stick and once seated place it in your pot.
  3. All will become clear when you arrive at your destination.

Love Kristina and Nick xx


We used MS Word to get the graphic and the instructions together. First we got a map of California off the Internet and printed that. Then we typed out the instructions and printed it on the same piece of paper. Finally, we drew on our road trip route with a silver pen.

We hope you like this DIY Bride. You can download a PDF of this guide here: Amazing Plant Marker Escort CardsIt goes really well with our Killer Favours – Create Favours your guests actually want! post.

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