Calling all brides, will you be doing a speech on your big day?

Bride speech

Hello Brides to be!

At Creative Wedding Co we wondered if you would be doing a bride speech on your big day or whether you would be leaving it up to the men?

So for those brides who are planning too. We have gathered the best advice and posts together to get you off to a great start. Bride Speeches.

This page has lots of rated bride speeches to sift through for inspiration. we particularly liked Sofia Berry’s she mixed both humour and love throughout her speech, but our favourite was CR’s who devoted the large majority of her bride speech to her relationship with her husband.

Has lots of sample bride speeches depending on what you would like the focus of your speech to be. They have a section for formal speeches, humorous speeches, those about family etc..

This page has some really good advice on how to prepare and deliver your bride speech – worth a look!

We also couldn’t resist this fantastic youtube video of a bride, Claire,  devoting her love to her husband. Not exactly a speech, but certainly one not to miss.

This website provides a really useful infographic to pull together the building blocks of your bride speech.

So will you be doing a bride speech on your big day?



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