What colour scheme will your wedding be?

Wedding Colour Scheme

One of the most difficult things to plan on your wedding day is the colour scheme. This decision will affect the rest of your wedding and therefore it is really important to take time over it. A friend of ours was planning a multi-coloured colour scheme and then on choosing the bridesmaids dresses the whole colour scheme changed to grey! This cost a bit of money as she had to re-buy a few bits and pieces. So it’s worth taking time to get it right!

Our top tips for helping you pick a wedding colour scheme:

  • Get yourself on Pinterest and go crazy picking pictures of all the colour schemes you like;
  • Google panatone wedding colours, they publish new wedding colours each year and companies like Dessy do bridesmaids dresses in panatone colours so you can get a perfect match;
  • Get hold of some bridesmaids magazines to get some inspiration;
  • Talk it through with the bridal party, they will have lots of advice and second opinions;
  • Pick out an item you really like (it could be a wedding invite or bridesmaids dress) and then build you wedding scheme around it;
  • Think about wedding themes that you may like, if you are thinking about a vintage theme, then you should select colours that go with this theme, such as rustic colours, pastels and ivory.

We found this website has lots of ideas and tools to help you pick a great wedding colour scheme too: http://www.fabmood.com/colour-palette/


Make sure you consult your intended, I am sure they will have an opinion on the colour scheme!


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