Wedding wows? Don’t sweat the small stuff! It’s OK to…

Wedding Worries


When it comes to your wedding, here at Creative Wedding Co we think it’s ok to…

  • To freak out about your first wedding dress shopping expedition;
  • To think your wedding guests are totally unreasonable;
  • To think that your parents or potential in-laws think that the ‘day’ is their day too and not YOUR wedding day;
  • To overspend a teeny tiny bit above the wedding budget, because it really will be worth it;
  • To feel exhausted the night before the big day;
  • To give in on your ‘bride to be’ keep fit routine just once (ok maybe a few times, like most weekends!);
  • To want to be a little bit selfish about your wedding day;
  • To eat what you want for your wedding day breakfast, not what others would like;
  • To not invite those relatives you haven’t seen for over a decade and wouldn’t know if you walked past them in the street. Even if your parents are really disappointed;
  • To indulge in far too many wedding magazines and sneak them into the house when your husband to be isn’t looking!
  • To think that ‘drive through I do’ is an appealing option from time to time;
  • To have a bridezilla moment or two (after all it’s one of the most important days of your life);
  • To have more than one pair of wedding shoes;
  • To think your wedding is better than anyone else’s. Of course it is – you planned it!
  • To check who bought / gave what against your gift list before the big day; and
  • To be relieved when a certain relative declines their invitation.

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