5 Types of DIY Mr & Mrs Signs

5 DIY Wedding Signs You'll Love

Your wedding day should reflect both you and your soon to be groom – adding your own special touches help signify you as a couple. Now there are many ways of doing this but one way we’d like to share with you today is, DIY Mr and Mrs signs. There are plenty of ways to create your own signs that reflect what both of you like, but if you’re not sure – here are a few options…

Bling DIY Mr and Mrs Signs

Now if you both are the bling, glitter and fabulous couple then this is the perfect option for you. The material used can differ from wood to paper but always covered in glitter and even maybe some crystals – the choice is yours. Here are some examples and for a DIY walk through, click here.

5 DIY Mr and Mrs DIY's - Bling

Chair DIY Mr and Mrs Signs

We know that the back of your bride and groom chairs are not always visible, so it might be best to use these with another sign or just have them there for great wedding images. They too can be made from wood, foam, paper and sometimes even fabric (depending on how it’s made). For a guide, click here.

5 DIY Mr and Mrs Signs you'll love - Chalkboard

Wooden DIY Mr and Mrs Signs

Now if you’re one who likes to go big or go home then wooden signs might be for you. Or course you could go with small or medium sized wooden signs, whatever suits both you and your wedding. Note: you will be needing some machinery, for this sign so be advised. And, for a detailed how-to, check out this post here.

DIY Mr and Mrs Signs you'll love - large wooden signs

Fabric DIY Mr and Mrs  Signs

A favourite for many, because of it’s ease and rustic effect, is the burlap fabric sign banner. Perfect for all rustic themed weddings and can be hung either above your bride & groom table or at the edge in front. For a quick DIY project, find out more here.

5 DIY MR and Mrs Signs you'll love

Paper DIY Mr and Mrs Signs

Now this sign is probably the cheapest and easiest to make, for those who aren’t really into big DIY projects. It allows you, as a bride to get as creative as you want – design it to your theme and style, in either a chair sign or table banner.

5 DIY Wedding Signs you'll Love - Paper

We’d love to hear from you, which sign did you love the most and will you be attempting any as your wedding DIY project? Comment below and let us know.

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