Should You Bride DIY?

Should You Bride DIY? The Pro's and Con's of DIY Weddings |DIY Weddings | Bride DIY | DIY Wedding Ideas|

With sites like Pinterest growing in popularity, more and more brides are planning a DIY wedding. The idea of personalising every part of your special day is exciting but can also be very daunting. So if you’re interested in a DIY wedding, here are some of the major pros and cons that you definitely need to keep in mind.


Cost Savings

The number one reason many brides opt for a DIY wedding is to ultimately save costs and put more money towards things like your honeymoon or your new home. I mean, wouldn’t it be more satisfying to know that you achieved a £10,000 wedding for £5,000?

Here are some ideas on what you could DIY at your wedding, which cost a fraction of the price compared to paying for it from a wedding supplier.

  • Bride and groom head table backdrop
  • Stationery
  • Flowers
  • Cakes
  • Make-up and hair
  • Favours

For inspiration, visit sites such as Etsy or Pinterest and remember to shop savvy through sales and charity shops.


DIY weddings are great for showing off your personality. Whether you’re more of a glamour girl, minimalist or nature lover, creating a wedding that encompasses everything you love will make your day even more special. It also gives your guests a more personal, unique and memorable experience.

Many couples choose to go the DIY route simply to have complete control and to put their own stamp on things – even if money isn’t an issue. Small touches such as hand-crafted centrepieces allow the bride and groom to showcase their individuality. But remember, the sky’s the limit on how creative you can be!

Bringing Family and Friends Together

If you’re planning a DIY wedding you will definitely need help from family and friends. A lot of people don’t mind being roped into helping out, like your bridal party or close family members. Best to try and make the most of your team’s talents – like your granny’s baking, mother-in-law’s sewing or a friend’s design skills.


Time Consuming

One of the big cons of a DIY wedding is that what you will save in money, you will lose in time. Planning a wedding generally takes months or even a year or two and doing things yourself will most likely take up way more of your free time. You will need to set aside time to research all the details, create lists and spreadsheets, shop around for the best deals, design and create your DIY projects… and the list goes on. If this sounds like too much for you to take on, DIY probably isn’t for you.


Planning a wedding is already stressful enough, but doing a DIY wedding takes it up a level. As you get closer to the wedding, the faster time will go. So get as much done ahead of time as possible, leave the last few weeks open for any other smaller details and get some good beauty sleep.

If the idea of a totally DIY wedding is as scary as tripping down the aisle, then consider hiring a wedding coordinator for the actual wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly. Committing your time to doing too many things can be extremely overwhelming and may leave you regretting your DIY decision. It’s also important to keep in mind that you may be disappointed if things don’t turn out the way you expected.

Hidden Costs

In most cases DIY will save you money, but it may not always as cost-effective as you think. Even with proper planning and budgeting, unexpected costs can arise, so it’s best to have an ‘emergency’ contingency fund in place.

We hope this post gave you insights into DIY weddings. If you’ve ever had or been involved in one, comment below and let us know of any additional pros and cons that we might have missed.

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