A beautiful and probably the easiest Bride DIY EVER! (at less than 6p per item)

Easiest Bride DIY Ever!

This is the easiest Bride DIY in the world. At less than 6p per duck tape jam jar  tealight holder, its one of the cheapest too! You can make these beautiful tea light holders for your wedding day. Or you can use them to put flowers in. What’s more it costs less than 6p per decoration!

We used duck tape (yes, you heard me the first time)! To be more precise we used gold textured duck tape with beautiful ribbon to glam up some ordinary jam jars. Here’s how:

What you will need:

  1. Plenty of jam jars (hopefully free!) Mixed sizes work really well.
  2. Duck tape in the design of your choice, £3.00 for 9.1mtrs. We used Gold. This amount of Duck take would make in the region of 120 jam jars!
  3. Ribbon in the colour of your choice, we used a sheer gold one to contrast with the solid colour of the Duck tape. It’s £3.50 for 25 meters.

Optional – tea lights if you are going to use them as tea light holders. We like these long burning tea lights from Amazon. Kristina used them for her wedding.

What you need to do:

  1. Get hold of some ordinary jam jars, either collect your own over a period of time (coercing family to collect them for you is entirely allowed here, you are a bride to be!). If you don’t consume that much jam, then you can buy them. We found the best way is to buy something from a supermarket value range (Value strawberry jam anyone for 29p?), they are cheaper than buying the jars from a craft shop.
  2. Clean them out so they are dust and dirt free – We ran ours through the dishwasher
  3. Buy some beautiful Duck tape (we used Gold, but there are lots of designs.) Hobby Craft sell quite a range.
  4. Roll the jar onto the Duck tape half way up the jar. Rolling it helps you keep it straight and level on the jar.
  5. Cut the Duck tape once the ends meet
  6. Tie a piece of beautiful ribbon around the jar.

You’re done! How easy was that!!

If you try this project post your results below, I’d love to see what you have created.

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