Hello February!

Hello February

I absolutely love February and there are a number of reasons why this is one of my favourite months in the year:

  • The days are getting noticeably lighter – hello sunshine! Well at least daylight!
  • February has valentines day – a perfect excuse to to celebrate that engagement again!!
  • Shrove Tuesday is in February, who doesn’t love  a good pancake feast?
  • The month is shorter so your pay doesn’t have to last as long!
  • And… its my birthday month, so I always get to do something lovely!

Creative Wedding Co want to share the love of February (yes I know the cheesiness is outrageous!). We are planning lots of things to help our brides to be this February!

  • This February as our gift of love to our readers we will be launching a few extras on our website, so watch this space!
  • We will also be publishing more on our valentines day top picks, after all there are only a few times you can send a valentines day card to your Fiancé
  • We’ve got loads more DIY bride guides coming
  • We’ve got more wedding Magpie searches too.
  • We will also be launching our first DIY Bride 30 day challenge. Watch this space for more info…

Do you love February? What would you add to my list?

Best wishes,

Kristina and the Creative Wedding Co team.



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