Groomsmen duties – everything you need to know

Groomsmen Duties - Everything you need to know

So yes there are some groomsmen duties you need to get involved with as well as planning the stag do. It is the highest honour to feature in your best mates wedding as a best man or a groomsmen. The responsibility starts long before the day of the wedding and extends well into the future after as you keep the groom sane in the run up to their special day. So here you go heres our everything you need to know list about groomsmen duties you to swot up on!

  • Help plan the stag do of the century (yes we know it’s obvious, but we did say its the everything you need to know list and this definitely needs to feature at the top)
  • Ensure the stag remains in one piece and returns home (perhaps not so obvious for all those groomsmen out theres so we thought we ought to stress this point!)
  • Like the bridesmaids you are likely to be asked to dress in attire chosen by the bride and groom. You may be asked to contribute to the cost, particularly if the items are purchased or provide some of your own items e.g black shoes. You will need to attend fittings. And from our own experience you may even be asked to contribute to very long debates between the bride and groom on exactly what shade of blue to go for or even whether a bow-tie or tie is needed. Yes groomsmen patience here is key!
  • You’ll need to show up for other pre-planning events as required by the Groom. Your his moral support so you gotta be there!
  • On the day you’ll need to keep the groom from panic and calm him down as necessary. This can include alcohol, but not so much that he is inebriated before the wedding cermemony!
  • You need to make sure the groom gets to the ceremony on time, it’s only the bride that can be fashionably late!
  • Your role is to relieve pressure from the bride and grooms so your assistance may be required at the venue where guests will be asking questions relating to seating arrangements etc… It would be a good idea to get a copy of the seating plan for the wedding breakfast and the seating arrangements for the ceremony so that you can help the guests.
  • You may also be given some specific tasks at the wedding by the Bride and Groom such as handing out confetti, collecting guests,  getting the guest book signed, giving the vendors their payment envelopes etc…
  • The best man speech will be a highlight of the night ensure you are present and in support of the groomsmen delivering the speech if you can read through beforehand and offer help if changes needs to be made.
  • If its a formal traditional wedding you may be required to dance with the bridesmaids. And if you are extra lucky you could do an choreographed dance with the groom like these groomsmen did! Britney is optional!

  • Ensure a proper send off by checking that the vehicle or whatever mode of transport is used is decorated with necessary bells and whistles.
  • Last minute checking that the couple’s luggage is packed and that the couple has everything they need before riding off to their honeymoon ensuring the venue is tidied and vendors are satisfied is one of the last responsibilities.
  • If you are the best man then you will also need to take care of the rings and of course write a killer speech.
  • And finally have fun, it’s your best mates wedding after all…

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We hope you found this post helpful. Now we’d love to hear from you, have any additional duties to add? Comment below and let us know.

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  1. We asked our Best Man and Ushers to assist with rounding people up for photos and to take the hired suits back to the shop for us within the set time frame so so not to get charged.
    I think groomsmen often think they’re job ends at stag do and speech so this is a rather handy list.

  2. I love that you wrote a post about what the MEN need to do when the wedding always seems to be all about what the WOMEN have to do! I think all groomsmen should have to read this because they often have a very hands-off approach and it would be nice if they took some of the responsibilities for the wedding day. Especially getting places on time and not forgetting anything!

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