How to get away with not having children at your wedding!

No Children at your wedding

If you are reading this post you are most likely seriously considering having a children free wedding. Whilst some couples love the idea of children at their wedding, its not a feature of everyone’s big day dream.

I remember planning my wedding not wanting children there. I didn’t want the disruption through the ceremony, I didn’t want them running amok through my carefully planned wedding breakfast and I also didn’t want an empty dance floor as all my friends and family left early to put the kids to bed.

I remember one family member saying to me before we had announced our decision that weddings are all about children. Well no actually they are not. Weddings are about two adults making a lifetime commitment to each other, often followed by a fair bit of drinking. So no in my humble opinion weddings are absolutely not about children. And whilst I love spending time with my friends children, the thought of them anywhere near me in my white dress with sticky fingers was enough to tip me over the edge!

Sadly because of our decision a few guests felt they couldn’t attend our wedding, despite recommending babysitting services. Whilst my husband and I felt upset by this and we were disappointed we weren’t going to be persuaded into changing our minds.

Be warned if you decide not to have children at your wedding be prepared for your dear family and friends to try and convince you why their little ones ought to be the special guests that still make the list. If its what you want, don’t be afraid to stick to your guns!

Creative Wedding Co’s top tips for a child free wedding:

  • Be clear with people that you are unable to accommodate children at the wedding
  • Be consistent, you can’t invite some kids and not others without a clear and consistent reason why (e.g we invited only nieces and nephews)
  • Be prepared to stick to your guns
  • Don’t change your mind, once you have made the decision then stick with it
  • Be as helpful as you can be to your guests, suggest babysitting services to help your guests attend the wedding
  • Be prepared to accept that parents may choose not to come to the wedding because they can’t bring their children.
  • Tell people as far in advance as possible, preferably speak to them and then follow it up with a little note inside the invitation.
  • Don’t hold a grudge life is way to short!!

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