How to make wedding planning super easy – hire a VA!

Wedding planning can be stressful at times, particularly if you have a full time job. All that searching for venues, and scheduling appointments etc… is really time consuming. And if you’ve got a full time job you need  a little bit of me time too (it’s a essential!) So we’ve been checking out how a virtual assistant (or VA for short) can help you plan you get your wedmin sorted stress free! For most people a wedding planner can be out of reach, but a virtual assistant could be a way to get some much needed support in planning your wedding. Virtual assistants will carryout tasks on your behalf, all you have to do is delegate!

8 things you can delegate to a VA to help you plan your wedding:

  1. Search suppliers such as venues etc… based upon your requirements;
  2. Narrow down supplier options dependant on budget;
  3. Book appointments and schedule them into a shared calendar that you, your intended and your VA can access;
  4. Keep your guest list responses up to date, including dietary requirements etc…;
  5. Reply to generic queries on your behalf;
  6. Writing thank-you cards and invitations on your behalf;
  7. Remind you of important dates in the run up to your wedding;
  8. Search out honeymoon plans based on your requirements;
  9. Coordinate supplier enquires on your behalf and organise your electronic paperwork; and
  10. Managing your name change after the big day – believe you me I wish I had this as it takes for ever and you have to be super organised!

Wedding planning VA’s have certainly taken off in the states. Whilst we couldn’t find any specific wedding VA’s in the UK there are a number of companies who could more than help you on your way to get a VA and make that wedding planning super easy such as You could also post a job on People Per Hour and see who responds.

Do you have any fab wedding planning tips? Or are you a VA that can make life easier for our brides? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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