Okay I’m Engaged – What to do next!

OK, so you’ve just got engaged and you’re on cloud 9. What next? Just enjoy it! I mean it’s not every day that you get engaged! Stay in that engagement bubble for at least a few days!

When it’s time to head back to reality, now you’re engaged there’s some things you really ought to think about and we’ve put together a list of the first things to do to help you along the way…

1. Tell your nearest and dearest about the engagement. Most people tell their parents first but share the big news with whoever is most important to you, whether that be your parents, a sibling, Aunty Sue, or your best friend. I’d suggest not announcing it on facebook until you’ve got the important people covered.

2. Hopefully you’ve got the engagement ring on your finger (if not get that Haribo ring swapped out for the real thing asap!). The next step is to get that bling insured! The last thing on your mind is taking the ring off your finger now you’re finally engaged, but rings can get damaged and you will have to take it off from time to time! Yes, most scrapes can be polished out, but if you lose a stone then it could be pretty expensive to replace! There are some specialist insurers out there that deal with jewellery, but another good place to start is your home insurance and adding the ring to the policy (just be careful to check any exclusions!). You also may want to think about wedding insurance in general at this stage, John Lewis do a variety of wedding insurance packages.

3. Now you’re engaged, you’ll want to show off that new ring to friends, family and, well, pretty much everyone, so it’s probably worth investing in a manicure. Chipped nails aren’t the best backdrop to sparkly new ring!

4. Guess what the first thing most people will ask when they hear you’re engaged? That’s right, the question everyone will ask, right through from Uncle Bill to the cake supplier, will be “So, when’s the big day?”. At first this is nice to hear, but it will quickly start to irritate you until you’ve secured the date.

Don’t let it overwhelm you, you don’t need to set anything in stone yet, but you can certainly start to think about dates. Here’s a few things to consider – it takes time to plan a wedding (you’re not getting married a week after getting engaged, unless you’re Super Woman Bride!); popular venues get booked up at least a year in advance, so move quickly on this one. Summer dates and weekends tend to be more expensive and get booked up first; think about any major clashes (we don’t want the chief bridesmaid’s waters breaking halfway through the ceremony – how inconsiderate that would be!).

5. The wedding venue is a key consideration and it will form the biggest part of your budget. And since your Groom has spent a small fortune on your engagement ring it’s unlikely he’ll have a huge pot of savings ready to go. If you’re lucky, parents might help with some of the cost and it’s worth having a conversation early on so there are no misconceptions. In our experience, most suppliers want a deposit when the booking is made and then want the balance paid around a month before the big day. Have a look at our budget planning tool to help make these decisions.

Now you’re engaged, don’t be panic, keep calm and if you need any help along the way, we’ll do our best to help you! Oh and the best bit, you can now indulge in those lovely wedding magazines!

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