Is a Weekday Wedding for You?

Is a Weekday Wedding for You? #weekdaywedding #weddingplanning #creativeweddingco #weddingblog

Are you considering getting married on a weekday? Many couples are attracted to weekday weddings because they are often cheaper allowing for a lower cost wedding or even a better wedding for the same cost. But before jumping, make sure you consider the following points…


Weekday weddings can be more affordable

The most obvious reason to get married on a weekday is the saving you can make. Getting married on a weekday is likely to save you a few pennies, not just for the wedding venue itself, but you may also be able to negotiate better deals with other suppliers. Often venues offer a weekday price (normally Monday to Thursday), with a higher price for Fridays, which becomes higher still on weekends.  Sometimes these discounts are significant, sometimes not. If you would prefer a weekend and it is beyond your budget, it may be worth trying to negotiate down the price before you show an interest in a weekday wedding. Want to try negotiating, but don’t know how to go about it? Try our blog post – how to negotiate the same wedding for less.

Get the pick of venues and suppliers on a weekday

Popular wedding suppliers often get booked-up years in advance, particularly so for weekend weddings. Therefore opting for a weekday wedding might just mean you can squeeze into your ‘must have’ wedding supplier’s otherwise hectic schedule. This is more likely to be the case with vendors that are an active part of your actual day, such as venues, caterers, entertainers, photographers etc. Although it may also help get you in on the best florist or baker too, for the most amazing flowers and cake!

Weekday weddings are great if you’re coordinating two venues

For those who want to get married at one location and then holding the reception at a second, a weekday wedding might make this potential scheduling nightmare a breeze. Otherwise you may have a long wait before the next weekend both venues are available.


You don’t want a long engagement

If you are looking to get married in the not too distant future then getting married on a weekday may be a great way to get a venue you like at much shorter notice given the lower demand.


You need to consider your wedding guests if you have a weekday wedding

If you want certain guests to be able to make it, then think carefully about a weekday wedding. For those who work or those with school aged children, weekdays may be more difficult as they will need time off work or will need to arrange childcare that includes getting kids to and from school. If your favourite guests won’t be bothered or hindered by this, then a weekday wedding may be perfect for you!


Do you have enough annual leave for a weekday wedding?

For most of us, having a weekday wedding means that you are going to eat into your holiday. If you’re tight on holiday and also want a nice long honeymoon in the same holiday year, then make sure you both have enough annual leave to cover it all. Alternatively, why not go for a mini-moon, followed by a full-blown honeymoon sometime later when you have more annual leave allowance. We’ve got some great honeymoon ideas right here if you’re looking for inspiration


Take time to consider these factors, figure out what is most important to you about your wedding. And, of course, talk to your other half, after all it should be a joint decision!!

So what would you do? Would you go for a weekday wedding? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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