It’s ok to…. Guests

Wedding Worries

At times during your wedding preparations you may get a bit frustrated with your nearest and dearest!

It’s ok to…

  • be annoyed when someone tries to invite themselves to your wedding
  • get frustrated when your best friend wants to invite their plus one, who is currently nameless and means you will have a complete stranger at your wedding
  • not to want to invite long lost family that you haven’t seen for 20 years, and can barely even remember
  • be upset if a bridesmaid decides they’re not happy with your choice of bridesmaid dress – who’s wedding is this!?
  • get frustrated with special requests for seating arrangements – wouldn’t it just be easier to have a collection of tables for one or two!?
  • expect all of your guests to RSVP on time! Can you come or not – it’s not that difficult!
  • consider all unusual dietary requests as a nuisance (ok, ok, perhaps you don’t want an ambulance crew turning up at your wedding breakfast!)
  • be annoyed when a guest texts you on your wedding day asking where the wedding is and at what time

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