Killer Favours – Create a favour your guests actually want!

Cactus Wedding Favours


Ok, so you’ve taken the plunge and favours have won the ‘to have or not to have’ favours debate. But what to choose?  There are so many options and quite frankly some of them are either a little dull or have been done to death (queue the sugar coated almonds). Ok I get it, you want a unique creative favour idea that hasn’t been done before, that your guests rave about for weeks after.


So how can you make your investment in a favour worthwhile and have a unique favour at your wedding?  What type of creative favour ideas will your guests actually thank you for and take home with them, so you don’t feel like you’ve wasted any of your precious wedding funds?


The solution – mini cacti.


My husband and I made cactus favours for our wedding. They went down a storm! Our guests thought they were such a creative favour idea. We actually had 20 additional favours.  I was paranoid that some would die on us before the wedding (only 1/100 did, so that’s not too bad) and yet we came home with only three! Since the wedding, our guests have sent us pictures of their little displays of our cactus favours and others have asked us where we got them so they can add more to their collection. I’m so pleased that we have little cacti’s all over the country continuing to spread the joy of our wedding day.


After all, how could anyone resist the cool look of the cacti? They are so easy to keep, even your most undomesticated friends (yes we all have one!) will be able to keep them alive for years to come. They come in many different shapes, colours and sizes (check out Pinterest unique favours cacti board for inspiration). They will add a sprinkle of colour to your tables. Best of all they are really cheap unique favour to buy and even cheaper to do yourself (get your supplies through Etsy and follow our DIY step by step). You can grow them in a little pot or a jam jar or right en vogue (yes literally!) in a terrarium (check them out on Vogue – the terrarium trend).


If you want to create your own style of cacti favours check out our Creative Cacti Favours Creative Wedding Co DIY Tutorial and get your Cactus on!


And if you really are cacti crazy you can even make your cacti favours form part of a cool cacti seating plan.


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