Okay, I’m Engaged – What Not to do!

OK, so you’ve just got engaged and you’re on cloud 9. Reality check, I HAVE A WEDDING TO PLAN …. OMG!

Don’t panic, we’re here to help, and here’s our guide on the things to avoid when you’re engaged. It’s also definitely worth a peek at our blog post on what to do when you’re engaged.

First thing’s first, don’t forget you only just got engaged.  It’s not every day that you get engaged – stay in that bubble for at least a few days! Don’t jump headlong into the planning – you won’t have time to appreciate being engaged, to share the news and show off that sparkly new engagement ring! Not to mention your Groom to be will probably wonder what he has let himself in for (give him a bit of time to acclimatise, he’s probably still recovering from buying the ring!).

Don’t invite everyone you meet in the next few days!

Don’t invite every Tom, Dick and Harry or every friend on Facebook, you don’t even know how many people your venue can accommodate yet, or how many people you can afford to invite (more guests = more £££).

Don’t let self invites take over your guest list

Yes, people do actually invite themselves to your or just automatically assume that they’re invited. The most common play is, “I can’t wait until your wedding, it’s going to be like soooo much fun”. Ahem, who invited YOU? Ok, you like this person, but not maybe enough for them to be at the wedding (you can’t invite everyone after all) and letting them know sooner rather than later is always going to be easier. Have something prepared for those self invitations, such as, “the venue can only accommodate a limited number of people so we don’t know whether there will be enough room for both families and all of our friends (that way you give them a subtle hint they may not make the list and keep your options open – clever hey!).

Don’t rush out and invest in every cool wedding trend

Avoid buying some super cool silver table confetti, which dictates some of the more expensive and frankly more important purchases. I bought some fab accessories early on, only to change the colour scheme from multi-coloured to grey! As a general rule you should make the expensive purchases first and other decisions should flow from those (so for most people the venue/catering will be the most expensive purchase). It is of course worth having a good idea of what you need and what you want things to look like before you start placing ANY deposits. Do however join pinterest and start creating lots of lovely wedding good boards, you can find ours here Creative Wedding Co Pinterest Boards. Have a look at some of ours and even follow us. CreativeWedCo

Don’t leave yourself over-committed financially

Most of you are only going to have a finite amount to spend on the wedding so it’s important you don’t let costs spiral out of control. Set a budget early on and be realistic about what you can and can’t afford. In our experience, most suppliers ask for a deposit and require the balance around a month before the big day. That means most of the big bills hit around a month before the big day and what you don’t need at that point is the added stress of having to overstretch finances. It might all seem worth it at the time, but huge debts will ruin the happy memories of your big day. (Check out our budget priority setting tool and budget planner to help you make this bug decisions. You may also like our money saving posts how to negotiate, and ways to save money on your big day)

Don’t let others take over your wedding – manage those expectations

As well as self invites, some people may also start to plan your wedding for you. “If it was my wedding I’d do it like this”, “On our big day we did it like that”… It’s helpful to get tips and advice from friends and family but don’t let them dictate what happens on YOUR day. One of the things family are really good at is telling you who you NEED to invite… “Aunty Violet simply has to be invited to the wedding – do you not remember she came to your third birthday party, you know, the one where you were dressed up as Wonder Woman”. Traditionally (back in the day), it was the parents who invited the guests to a wedding (hence you’ll see a lot of wedding invitation templates are written from the parents on behalf of their children). Therefore, if your parents are the traditional sort they may have different expectations to you. You’ll need to manage those expectations sensitively, particularly if they’re contributing to the cost of the wedding!




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