Personalised Fortune Cookie Favours – Yes please!

Personalised Fortune Cookies

If you’re looking for a different wedding favour, take a look at these personalised fortune cookies, which could be a really quirky addition to your big day. Surprise your guests at the end of the wedding breakfast with a telling of fortune and prosperity.

Most sources suggest that fortune cookies originated in Japan, not China or the United States. In Japan, the cookies are known as tsujiura sebei (“fortune crackers”), omikuji senbei (“written fortune crackers”) and (“bell crackers”). Today in Kyoto you can still see small family-run bakeries making the fortunate cookies by hand. Whilst fortune cookies may originate in Japan, their popularity rose in the United States, where they remain popular to this day.

Fortune cookies are a big hit for wedding favours in America, but they haven’t yet made an impression across the Atlantic. So what better way to make your wedding that bit different, and to thank your guests for joining you, than to offer them a personalised fortune cookie?

We found these personalised fortune cookies on the National Pen website and we made our own distinctive design using Adobe Illustrator.

If you don’t Adobe Illustrator, you can use another graphics package, Photoshop or even Word. The fortune cookies come in a wide variety of coloured foil packaging so you can design something that fits with your theme just perfectly.  If you would like to use our design, we’ve created a generic version of our template here: Editable Fortune Cookie Design.

Here’s our easy 3-step guide to creating your own personalised fortune cookie favours:

  1. Decide what colour foil packaging you want. These are listed on the National Pen website.
  2. Design the graphic for the packaging of favours, or make your life easier and use the one we’ve already created for you.
  3. Go to National Pen’s website, select the fortune cookies, upload your design and sit back and wait for your favours to be delivered!

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