10 Street Food Ideas For Your Wedding You Can’t Miss!

We’re enjoying the bank holiday vibe here at Creative Wedding Co and have had the opportunity to just chill out and explore what our great steel city has to offer. Yesterday we wondered into town to the food and drink festival in the Peace Gardens. It was a great day and an opportunity to sample all the local delicacies and we certainly did! Even sampling Chocolate Prosecco! We just loved the little street food stands with the variety of freshly cooked food on offer. Such a sucker for noodles I had to have some, with my lovely husband having his staple BBQ burger! We both love pancakes and so for dessert we managed to find ourselves in the queue for some delicious crepes!


So we got to thinking about the street food trend that is so in right now and the wonderful relaxed vibe street food can bring to your reception. We thought we would hunt down some different alternatives for you to try at your wedding.


  1. Noodles

Who doesn’t love a little box of noodles! With plenty of sauces to accompany your noodles and the option to have vegetables or meat of your choice, your guests can choose exactly what they would like for their meal.


  1. Crepes

One of our favourites! With as many flavours as you can imagine, both savoury and sweet, a crepe bar at your wedding is sure to go down a treat. Make sure there is plenty of the our favourite, the good old sugar and lemon.


  1. Caribbean

Want to get exotic and spice it up a little?! Caribbean food could do just that. We just love jerk chicken!


  1. South African BBQ

We’ve been to a wedding a with a south African BBQ. It was a relaxed affair in the garden of the bride and groom. The hog roast was the main feature, but we really liked the south African spiced potatoes – they were just gorgeous!


  1. Indian

Who doesn’t love Indian food?! With poppadums, samosas and onion bhajis, you could have it as a snack, or bring out the mains for your evening meal.


  1. Wood Fire Pizza Oven

We racked our brains and couldn’t think of anyone we know who wouldn’t love a wood fire pizza. This option will certainly be a crowd pleaser at your wedding, particularly if you have kids there (adult ones or the real McCoy!)


  1. Pie and peas

This is one for a proper English wedding. Pie and peas is just a great way to feed your guests, whilst keeping the atmosphere relaxed. What’s more, this is definitely one to keep the men in your life happy – there won’t be many going hungry after a pie and pea supper!


  1. Good old English BBQ

Everyone loves a BBQ with juicy burgers, chicken and sausages, accompanied by fresh salads. It’s a perfect treat for a summer wedding!


  1. Bratwurst bar

One for those of you who love Germany. A Germanic take on the sausage sarnie for those who want something a bit different. And let’s be honest, it beats the American version hands down! These would be a great addition to a relaxed evening do. Just watch that ketchup and mustard down your dress!


  1. Ice cream cart

If you are looking to provide just a little treat, how about having an ice cream cart?! They are so much fun, whether you go upmarket with an ice cream bike, or full on with an ice cream van, you can find the perfect supplier to fit the style of your wedding! And hey – who doesn’t love ice cream?!



And if you are looking for top tips on how to pull off street food, check out this great post from Bridal Musings

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