Wedding Confetti – The Lowdown


Everything a bride needs to know about confetti

Who would have thought that there is so much to confetti? Well, let me tell you, there certainly is! Here is the low down on confetti so that you can pick what’s right for you on your big day.

Types of confetti

  1. Natural petals
  2. Tissue paper confetti
  3. Rice (plain and coloured)
Petal confetti
Red petal confetti

Confetti popcorn
Popcorn as confetti – who’d of thought it!


Confetti cone designs

You can use all types of paper to make confetti cones or get some specially made ones as shown in the picture, below. You can use doilies to give a lace type look or even some quirky paper.

Confetti cones



When you need confetti, but on a different scale!

We used a confetti cannon on our wedding day. Everyone was surprised by the noise and effect it had, it showed up in their expressions on the pictures. It helped to make one of our favourite pictures of the day. We got our cannon from Amazon and a similar one can be found here: White petal confetti cannon


Confetti deliberations

As well as what type of confetti you have, there are a whole load of other choices you need to make. Yes, I know, I didn’t think confetti was this complicated either, but it’s such a delight, no one really minds the hard work of picking!

  • Make sure your confetti choice adds to your colour scheme and will stand out on the pictures!
  • It sticks! – some confetti can stick around particularly glitter types, and whilst some of you may delight in its sparkly presence all day, others among you may certainly not!
  • It can be messy – because it is messy, often you may only be allowed to use it outside!
  • Biodegradable – check with your wedding venue, some will only permit biodegradable confetti.

Handing out your confetti

Don’t expect your guests to bring confetti and if they do it is unlikely to match your colour scheme. You therefore need to make sure your guests get some confetti. You can leave little baskets around for people to take some, or you can enlist a groomsman or two to take on the job of handing it out. Here’s a confetti basket we found on Amazon.


Can’t get enough?

No nor can we! So whilst we were busy reviewing and researching all things confetti we couldn’t resist a peak at these confetti goodies shown in our wedding magpie board.



Not your thing?

If confetti is really not your thing, but you would like a confetti type shot, you could do one of the following:

  • Flags
  • Pompoms
  • Confetti backdrops
  • Photoshop!!! No need to have confetti, you can always Photoshop it in!

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