How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

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One of the most exciting things about planning a wedding is picking out the perfect wedding dress. But choosing the right dress for your big day can be a daunting task. There’s the venue to think about, your personal style and of course it’s important to consider which design will best flatter your figure. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a guide for picking out the perfect wedding dress to help get you started on your search.


Wedding Dress - Body Types


If you were blessed with more bum than bust, an A line dress is perfect for you. Find a dress that highlights your waist and flares away from your hips to create a lovely, flattering shape. You can also show off your slender upper body with a stunning V neckline.


A busty figure can be both a blessing and a curse. For a dress that doesn’t give too much away, consider a scooped or dipped neckline, like a sweetheart. This helps to define your bodice while opening up your face. Try to avoid dresses with a straight neckline as these can cause your bust to look more shelf-like. Also avoid ruching and shiny fabrics such as satin as these will make your bust look even bigger.


If you’re lacking in the curves department, simply look for a dress that helps to create some added shape to your figure. Think of a voluptuous ball gown that cinches at your waist and flares into a full skirt. This helps to hide a lack of hips while still capitalising on your slender build. If princess puffs aren’t your thing, consider a sheath dress with a curving side seam to create some extra curves. Adding some ruching to your bodice will also help to add volume to your bust.


An empire dress with a skirt starting just under the bust that falls into a gradual A line is best suited for full figured brides. Avoid pleated fabric and make sure the empire seam does not start at the chest, otherwise you might end up looking like you’re wearing a maternity dress rather than a wedding dress! Choosing sturdy fabrics such as satin will provide your dress with needed structure to create a garment that plays well to your shape.


If you tend to carry your weight around your midsection, a design that cinches in your waist is ideal. Consider picking a dress that gathers in at the smallest point of your waist and flares into an A line. Opting for a deep V neckline will also help to draw the eyes vertically, not horizontally. You can create a corset effect in your dress by choosing a bodice with added texture like lace or ruche – this will help to camouflage any areas you may not want to flaunt.


Wedding Dress - Venue


Castle weddings can really make you feel like a princess – why not complement this by wearing a stunning ball gown dress with a full princess skirt? Layers of tulle and chiffon are the name of the game here. As long as you can still sit down and bust a move in your dress, then the more layers the merrier!


If you’re lucky enough to have a beach wedding abroad, opt for a light and flowy number, and keep layers to a minimum. No one wants to get sand caught between their ruffles. Thick fabrics are also likely to leave you feeling hot and constrained.. not an ideal situation for the beach! Rather choose thin fabrics such as chiffon to create the perfect beach-bride look.


So, you’re having your wedding in a rustic barn or manor house on a farm? If you’re planning on taking some lovely country-esque photos outside, avoid long trains if possible. A dress that you can move around in easily is ideal for a potentially muddy farm. An A line dress would work perfectly in this situation.


Keep it modern in the city with a sleek looking, fashion-forward dress. The world is your oyster when it comes to picking city-chic wedding dresses. Everything from a fitted fishtail to a lavish cathedral train can work for a city venue. Think of adding modern finishes to your dress such as sheer panelling, beading and cap sleeves for a fresh look.


Wedding Dress - Personality

Most importantly, feeling incredible in your wedding dress is what will truly make you shine. If your figure dictates you wear a princess ball gown but your heart is set on a a boho-chic number, do what makes you happy. There are always ways to incorporate your personal style into designs that will flatter your figure and work for your venue. Don’t be scared to show your dressmaker or shop consultant examples of the kind of dress you are looking for. As professionals, they should be able to give you advice on creating your look in a way that best suits you.

While it’s important to stay open to opinions, at the end of the day you know best what will make you feel beautiful when you walk down the aisle, so don’t let go of your instincts, and choose a dress that really showcases your personality!

We hope this post helped to start you on your journey to finding the perfect wedding dress. We’d love to hear from you, do you have any wedding dress advice for first-time shoppers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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