Wedding Planning in 20 minutes a day!

Plan you wedding in 20 mins a day

Everyone is different, but planning a wedding leaves most brides to be a little overwhelmed. I certainly was, there were moments when my wedding where my wedding was going to the literally the wedding of the century and then other times when I just thought it wasn’t going to work at all and be a total disaster.


Whilst I was planning my (or, as my Husband keeps reminding me, I should say ‘our’) big day I was working full time in a busy job (working over 60 hours per week) and completing a dissertation for my MBA, which I had left a little late. So I (we!) had our work cut out!


I felt most at ease when I felt I had done something to move our plans forward and also when I had a master plan to follow. I used a mix of wedding planning tools and my microwedmin technique to keep on top of things.

Wedding Planning using the microwedmin technique:

Microwedmin was my way to get a little done 5 days a week so I kept the planning moving. I would devote 20mintues that I scheduled in my diary every day to do something for the wedding. Sometimes it turned into a lot longer as I got so involved in the task, other days the whole 20 minutes wasn’t needed, but I at least completed a task each day. At least once a week I used my 20 minutes to do planning tasks so I felt on top of things. If you do this 5 days a week you get 1 hour 40minutes under your belt.


I used to fit my 20minutes in before work at lunch time or on an evening or on a Sunday night with my husband to be where we’d do 40 minutes between us.


For more tools and tips on planning you wedding check out our Wedmin section.

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