Wedding planning – Keep Calm and Carry on Planning

Stress Free Wedding Planning

OK so you are engaged and you may be partial to a bridezilla moment from time to time. So we thought we would give you our top 10 tips to stress free wedding planning to help you keep calm and carry on wedding planning.

Aromatherapy oils

We’ve just discovered this Neal’s Yard Ready to Roll aromatherapy oils. There is one for relaxing, energising, sleeping and travel. They remind us of a trip to the spa and as a result help you to instantly relax. All you have to do is roll them on your pulse points and let the aromatherapy scent instantly relax you. Perfect for an instant stress relief when you don’t have much time and wedding planning is getting too much.

Get a massage

If you have more time book yourself in for a back massage or a facial and take a proper break from that wedding planning. Spending some time on yourself can help you empty your mind and help you truly relax. If you spend some time relaxing you will restore your energy levels ready for getting more done. We’ve found if you starve yourself of ‘you time’ you become less productive. Honestly, it’s so true, get yourself some you time now!

Do some non wedding stuff

As well as taking time to relax, take some time to not think about your wedding planning. We know this is really hard to do. But you need to ensure your wedding doesn’t take over your life and still enjoy things. Take some time out with your friends. Better still have a date night with your intended.

Have a plan and stick to it

Having a plan can help you reduce your stress because you will know what you have to do and when you need to do it. Having a good plan allows you to forget and free your mind of your to-do list because you can focus on the next thing you have to do rather than trying to maintain the whole wedding planning to-do list in your mind.

Put things into perspective

Whatever you plan, your wedding will be the wedding of the century. It will be what you wanted, because you created it. Make sure you don’t succumb to the pressure of must have’s. Focus on what the two of you want and be rational about your choices.

Get some exercise

Exercise is a great stress reliever, plus it will help you get your body ready for the big day. We found the best fitness blogs so have a read and get inspired.

Get some help and delegate

You don’t have to do everything yourself. As a bunch of control freaks we know how hard delegation is! However, let others help you plan your wedding. You have family, bridesmaids and groomsmen all there to help you out. Make sure you let them help you. Most will be delighted to be involved. Just be really clear about what you want them to do. The clearer and more specific the task the better. If you want to take delegation to a whole new level why not hire a virtual assistant. Read our post about what virtual assistants can do for your wedding planning.

Break it down into small tasks

You cannot possibly tackle everything at once. So break down the tasks into small chunks to help you feel more in control and less overwhelmed. You can then focus on just the next task. If you do  something little and often to get your wedding planned, you will feel in control and what a great feeling if you are continually ticking off an item on the to-do list. Check out our post on doing your wedmin in 20 mins a day.

Get some sleep

As a bride to be you definitely need your beauty sleep. But sleep also helps you have the energy to tackle the day ahead and be more productive. Skimping on sleep to get more hours in the day can be a false economy so make sure you get enough sleep. And don’t forget those Neal’s Yard aromatherapy oils – the sleep one is particularly good and will help you drift off. If your mind keeps whirring about your wedding plans, have a pen and paper to hand to jot down any ideas so you don’t forget them.

Use our FREE EPIC Wedding planner

If you need some help getting organised try our FREE EPIC wedding planner, full of templates (over 100 pages) to help you plan your wedding and keep on track. It also includes our EPIC Wedding planning checklist to make sure you don’t forget a thing.

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