Will you get married at home or away?

Getting married at home or away?

Where to get married is one of the most important decisions you will make.

If you are thinking about getting married abroad there are a few more things to consider:

  • Weddings abroad tend to be smaller than those at home. So it may change your guest list, as well as which guests can make it.
  • Due to the smaller size the cost of a wedding abroad can often be cheaper. Take into account potential exchange rate benefits and the reduced emphasis on weddings in other countries and you could save some significant money.
  • Whilst the weather is more likely to be exactly how you want it, it may give you other things to consider:
    • Think about the type of wedding gown that would suite the weather, heavy gowns are a not conducive to 30 degree heat!
    • You may also need to consider your wedding shoes and ensure they are suitable for the beach!
    • Think about your groom too, linen suits may be the way to go in hotter climates.
    • You also need to consider your hair and make-up as the heat is likely to effect the products you are planning to use.

If you do decide to get wed abroad make sure you:

  • Check out the legal requirements. Look at the advice provided by the UK government. There may even been requirements about how long you need to be in the country where you will be married.
  • Review your wedding insurance, you may need something different to a standard package.
  • Research the climate and make sure you aren’t planning to get married in the rainy season!
  • Chances are you won’t be able to see the venue before the wedding. So research on your venue of choice is so important. It’s worth searching for reviews on the web to get other couples views. Make sure the review site is legitimate and that you use a number of different sites. The higher number of consistent reviews the better.

Happy wedding planning!

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